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Morning Interlude
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Chapter I: And So They Meet
Chapter II: The First Adventure
Chapter III: The Protector

53: Morning Interlude

54: The Philanderer is Loose

55: Oops

56: They Saw Things

57: Breakfast

58: Thinking

59: The Detective's Daughter

60: Nickel is Fearless

61: A Game She Likes to Play

62: Marshmallow Kitty

63: A Home to Come Back To

64: Mind Games

65: Today's Adventure

66: A New Friend

67: The Attack of Nickel!

68: The Answer to Everything

69: A New Answer

70: Time to Move On

71: Social Commentary

72: Get Chupacabre

73: A Surprise

74: What Was That About...

75: The Attack of Girly

76: The Protector

77: Chupacabre's Problem

78: Pay Attention

79: Otra

80: The Third Night

Chapter IV: The Beginning
Chapter V: New Girl in Town
Chapter VI: Superhero Girls
Chapter VII: The New Design
Chapter VIII: The Romantic
Chapter IX: The Knight's Quest
Chapter X: Love Love Love!
Chapter XI: The Big Mix-up
Chapter XII: The Show So Far...
Chapter XIII: Back on the Town
Chapter XIV: Sidekicks Everywhere
Chapter XV: The Adventure Never Ends
  15-1: Pop Culture
  15-2: Babies
  15-3: Sin & Love
  15-4: Marshmallow Cat's Big Adventure
  15-5: Corruption in the Force
  15-6: The Queen
  15-7: Do What We Can
  15-8: Nothing Can Stop Us
  15-Final: Never the End
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